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Our Story

LAW Construction & Project Management started as the dream of a young boy, Lincoln Ward, who would work alongside his father, a master Carpenter and Electrician, at the tender of age of 7 years old.

In 2011, the father-son duo embarked on a personal mission as Contactor and Project Manager to build Lincoln's new home. It is here where Lincoln learned first-hand the business of construction by managing this project, workmen, creating estimates and doing whatever was necessary to see this project through to completion.

In 2015, Lincoln pursued safer building courses at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College in order to attain a Contractor License, as he sought to become qualified in the Construction industry. He completed his studies in 2016, which allowed him to give official birth to his new business venture - LAW Construction & Project Management - and a team of other professionals in the industry were sought out and assembled to realise this aspiration in full.

In September 2017, the Virgin Islands was rocked by two category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, respectively, causing catastrophic destruction on a scale never seen in many of our lifetimes. Not only did this event uncover many of our local building inadequacies but gave insight into innovative and stronger ways that we would now have to build.

Recognising the need for quality construction, Lincoln took the leap of faith and left his teaching job of 12 years to fully commit and make his contribution to the industry where he thought his skills would be needed most.

LAW Construction & Project Management has since been operating effectively in the British Virgin Islands - rebuilding stronger, more efficiently and greener. It remains poised and hopeful of becoming one of the lead construction companies in the Territory.

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